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Soldiers in Langrisser Mobile make up one half of your unit, with the other half being your Hero. The current in-game English translations can be a bit off at times, so on occasion you may see Soldiers referred as Troops (and then sometimes Troops means the entire unit, including your Hero. Hopefully this will be remedied soon.)

Soldiers generally serve as the first line of defense for your heroes. When taking damage, damage received will first be allocated to the soldiers. Once all the soldiers are slain, damage received will begin going towards your hero instead. Some skills can bypass this order by dealing damage to both the soldiers and the hero, or just target the hero directly.

It is possible to use a different type of Soldier from your Hero. For example, you have an Infantry Hero, Matthew. You can field Matthew with Lancer soldiers to protect him if you expect to be running into enemy cavalry. While a dedicated unit may be better, sometimes hybrid compositions work better than pure ones.

Soldier Affinity[]

As a reminder, Langrisser Mobile follows an affinity system. This applies to both Heroes and Soldiers. For reference...

Infantry are strong against Lancers.
Lancers are strong against Cavalry.
Cavalry are strong against Infantry.

Archers are strong against Fliers.
Holy are strong against Demons.

Mages,Aquatic, and Assassin units exist outside of the affinity system.

Training Grounds[]

Soldiers can be upgraded via the Training Grounds, which is unlocked at (level). Upgrading your soldiers becomes extremely important as they essentially make up half of your unit.

Upgrading your soldiers is done on a per-type basis (so Infantry will not share progression with Cavalry, for example). In addition, there exists unique upgrades for the soldier type that will further refine their role, as well as unique upgrades for particular soldier units (such as Elite Infantry or Inquisitors). Lastly, certain soldiers are unlocked through the Training Grounds instead of class progression, so hit the Aniki Gyms to work out your army! To see the gold and material cost to level up each soldier, see here.

For further details and tips on Soldiers, please check out the following guide on Reddit. (

Soldier List[]

Holy & Mage