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The Secret Realm is a list of different missions that can be completed in order to improve a specific aspect of a player's power.

Secret Realm[]

Aniki's Gym[]

Anikis Gym.png

Aniki's Gym is where players can obtain materials for their soldiers to use in the Training Field. The six Aniki Brothers are in charge of their own course which contains materials for its respective soldier type. To optimize workout routines, the available gyms are on a rotation.

Monday, Thursday: Infantry, Archers & Assassins
Tuesday, Friday: Lancers, Flier & Aquatic
Wednesday, Saturday: Cavalry, Holy & Demon & Mage
Sunday: All Gyms Open!

While the Aniki Brothers may be similar to bosses, they are susceptible to Fixed Damage and even Stuns. Use this to your benefit when trying to solo Gyms to obtain the Goddess Blessing for easier followup runs!

Angelica's Special Training School[]

Anjelicas school.png

The Training School is where players can obtain EXP Potions to level up their heroes. Angelica has constructed special training robots to simulate various enemy types, and these robots can be deadly if training unprepared. Like the Aniki Gyms, the training bots fought vary depending on the day of the week, but the EXP Potion rewards remain the same.

Monday, Thursday: Infantry
Tuesday, Friday: Lancer
Wednesday, Saturday: Cavalry
Sunday: Demon

Stolen Treasure[]

Stolen treasure.png

In Stolen Treasure, players attempt to slay as many Treasure Goblins as possible to obtain precious, precious Gold. These Goblins are harmless but are adept at running away, so focus on bringing units with great offensive potential!

AoE skills and spells are recommended, and the Clock enchant can be useful if it manages to proc. Additional Goblins spawn on turns 2, 3, and 4. Turn 5 is the final turn, so clean up any remaining Goblins!

Goddess Trial[]

Goddess trial.png

Goddess Trials, also known as Dragon Trials, is where plays can obtain new Equipment and Enchants for their Heroes. Each dragon has their own rewards and weaknesses, so come prepared when challenging them!

Dragons are proper bosses in Langrisser Mobile and are immune to Fixed Damage and Stuns. Adjust your strategy if needed!

Monday, Thursday: Flame Dragon

  • Rewards: Random Equipment (Weapon, Helmet, Armor), Enchants (Clock, Meteor, Steel), Crafting Hammers
  • Weakness: None!
  • Tips
    • Beware of the map-wide AoE attack. The Flame Dragon will start with this move and use it every "x" turns.
    • Try to bring someone who can clear debuffs, as the Flame Dragon loves to debuff your party. Alternatively, just try to be immune to the debuffs (Liana's Gospel, Leon's Chivalry).

Tuesday, Friday: Ice Dragon

  • Rewards: Random Armor, Enchants (Full Moon, Hard Rock, Thorns), Crafting Hammers
  • Weakness: Archer, Mage, Holy, Demon
  • Tips
    • Melee units are not recommended for the Ice Dragon itself as it has high damage reduction against Melee. Only take a melee unit if you absolutely need one to clear the mobs before the boss.
    • Prioritize heroes with high MDEF as the Ice Dragon does Magic Damage. Bozel, Lana, and Luna (as an Archer) are recommended choices.

Wednesday, Saturday: Thunder Dragon

  • Rewards: Random Helmet, Enchants (Rough Sea, Magic, Crystal), Crafting Hammers
  • Weakness: Infantry, Lancer, Aquatic
  • Tips
    • Ranged units are not recommended for the Thunder Dragon as it has high damage reduction against Ranged. Your melee units should be strong enough to handle the mobs, so avoid bring ranged heroes if possible.
    • Heroes with buff removal, debuff potential, and self sustain are recommended. The Thunder Dragon has high enough stats and it doesn't need to be higher. Elwin is the best choice, although Lewin and Bernhardt can be used if necessary.
    • Be careful if sending in multiple units against the Thunder Dragon as its AoE is deadly and can easily kill your party, even if they are at full health. One kill is enough for the Dragon to act again and it will likely kill another unit.
    • The Thunder Dragon is considered to be the hardest Dragon, so do not be discouraged if your party can't handle him!

Sunday: Dark Dragon

  • Rewards: Random Weapons, Enchants (Blazing Sun, Ice, Tree of Life, Breeze), Crafting Hammers
  • Weakness: Cavalry, Flier, Assassin
  • Tips
    • The Dark Dragon is a DPS race as it will enrage at turn 10, gaining a huge boost to ATK power and making the fight almost unwinnable. It is still possible to finish off the Dark Dragon when it is enraged, provided its HP is low enough to be depleted by the remaining party members.
    • Fliers are best used here as there is only one lone path to the Dark Dragon for ground units (Cavalry and Assassins).
    • At the start of the match, the Dark Dragon will damage the entire party but give them a buff that will allow them to heal a percentage of damage dealt.
    • The Dark Dragon can be considered the easiest Dragon, but this is associated with players normally investing the most in their DPS characters first (typically Cherie or Leon). The hardest part is dealing with the mobs and the enrage timer.

Bonding Realm[]

The Bonding Realm is an odd one, as while the rewards are indeed Bond items, the maps themselves pit the player against the heroes they can summon. I suppose the party bonds when fighting each other instead of simply gathering around a campfire and sharing stories.

Different maps are available depending on the day. As each map is unique, they will each need to be cleared to gain the Goddess Blessing for that particular map (like in the other modes).

The maps include: The Shadow of Valyria, The Shadow of Larcuss, The Shadow of Rayguard, The Shadow of Salrath...


Timeless Trials[]

Timeless trial.png

Timeless Trials is a weekly challenge that provides a series of challenge gimmick maps that provides substantial rewards when each tier is completed. These gimmicks range from simply buffing certain unit types to having enemies be immune to all damage but Fixed Damage. While it can be unlocked early, to fully complete Timeless Trials one is expected to be at max level to take on the SS tier.

This game mode can be considered one of the "end-game grinds" as Timeless Trials not only provides substantial rewards, but it is also one of the few places where players can obtain SSR Accessories.

Do not neglect Timeless Trials! Progress far enough into the Trials and the player will be able to "sweep" forward to 2 tiers below the highest completed trial. In other words, you don't have to restart from the very bottom every time TT resets as you can sweep ahead to content more suitable to your level.

Eternal Temple[]

Eternal Temple.png

In the Eternal Temple, players can fight a single powerful boss known as a Phantom once per day. There are 4 Phantoms: Valkyrie, Leviar, Scylla and Phoenix. The active Phantom will change each day like in most other Secret Realm content. Heroes from certain factions will gain bonus stats in fights with specific phantoms. This mode is currently the primary way to gain certain bond keepsakes which are necessary to upgrade a hero's center heart bond.

Limited Time Events[]

Joint Battle[]

Joint Battles is a daily co-op only event that only available during certain times of the day (2:00 PM & 9:00 PM US Central Standard Time). To unlock Joint Battles, Chapter 16 of the main story must be completed first. Note that there is a chance to obtain Rare or Epic Martial Spirits from Joint Battles.

Monday & Tuesday: Realm of Darkness

  • Rewards: Weapons, Enchants 1 (Clock, Meteor, Steel), Enchants 2 (Full Moon, Thorns, Hard Rock)
  • Arguably the easiest Joint Battle. Take on 3 separate groups and then the boss.
    • The hardest part may be simply getting from one end of the map to another.

Wednesday & Thursday: Imperial Invasion

  • Rewards: Bond Keys, Bond Items
  • Difficulty varies due to variable enemy composition.

Friday & Saturday: Angelica's Guardians

  • Rewards: Helmets, Armor, Enchant 1 (Rough Sea, Magic, Crystal), Enchant 2 (Blazing Sun, Ice, Tree of Life, Breeze)
  • Arguably the hardest JB because it is an NPC escort mission and ambush spawns.
  • Ambush spawns are controlled by the NPC moving to a certain tile. You can stall ambushes by moving one of your characters on the tile so Angelica can't get to it, allowing time to regroup or take out other enemies.
    • The 1st ambush tile is diagonal of the "lone woods" tile and the the main starting forest. Enemies will spawn east of here.
    • The 2nd ambush tile is 2 tiles east from the "lone tree" tile next to the dirt road. Enemies will spawn in two groups,on the left and right sides of the dirt road from the mountains (behind you).
    • Typically, it is wise to stall the 2nd ambush and kill the boss first, then set up to handle the 2nd ambush. This helps Angelica not run herself into the boss mob and get herself killed.

Sunday: Light's Illumination

  • Rewards: Crafting Hammers, Gold
  • Difficulty varies as this JB relies on each teammate being able to hold their own lane. If the team member can't hold, then it is typically game over.
  • It is possible to "divert" the east and west enemies by simply moving units to "block" the hallway in a vertical formation. The enemy AI will believe the path is blocked and look for another way around (normally moving south).
    • If the "block" is removed, the enemies may resume their march and head back towards their intended hallway instead of going all the way south.
    • Use this tactic with caution as it is possible to build up enemies from the 2nd wave, so the players will have to potentially deal with a group of 5 units instead of the usual amount.

Hero Phantoms[]

In the Hero Phantom event, players generally clear Challenge Maps to obtain Memory Fragments of the featured hero. Players can also complete Feats (similar to the Time Rift Feats) in these maps to obtain even more Memory Fragments.

Hero Phantoms are considered an event and are not always active, so check in-game if there is one currently in progress.

Hero Phantoms: Bozel, Freya, Liffany

General Events[]

Events in Langrisser Mobile are typically split into two parts: one focuses on rotating Event Maps to raise points while the other features Challenge Maps with some story elements.

The Event Maps have daily runs that will increase the points earned, although they can still be grinded out for more points even after the daily bonuses are completed. Sometimes "Bonus Heroes" will be available and fielding them will further boost the amount of points earned for that run.

The Challenge Maps can also be considered the "Story Mode" for the event. However, as Challenge Maps can go beyond Level 60, it may not be possible to see the entire storyline if below max level and if the party is not well equipped. Completing these maps will grant the player the rewards advertised, as well as grant some points for the overall points ladder.