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Character Creation Quiz[edit | edit source]

Answer the questions in the choices indicated and you will get a second advancement line indicated. There’s rumors that the secondary advancement of Matthew can be interchanged in later patches.

Questions[edit | edit source]

1. What will you do if an enemy raised you while you were gathering supplies?

2. What is the most important factor when creating an unbeatable team?

3. Where do the gods live?

4. Which of these do you like most?

5. What is the meaning of life?

6. What do you look for in your companions?

7. What makes a hero?

8. What does love mean to you?

9. What is truly worth fighting for?

Shadow (Assassin)[edit | edit source]

1. Defense

2. Strategic versatility

3. In the heavens above

4. A quiet cottage in the night

6. Passion

8. Acceptance

9. My loved ones

Strike Master (Cavalry)[edit | edit source]

1. Retreat

2. Sheer power

3. They do not exist

5. To get what my heart desire

7. An unyielding spirit

8. Charity

9. Glory

Dragon Master (Flyer)[edit | edit source]

1. Counterattack

2. Excellent mobility

3. I am God

5. To protect the things I care for

7. An unyielding spirit

8. Helping others

9. My loved ones

Bow Master (Archer)[edit | edit source]

1. Defence

2. Strategic versatility

3. In the heavens above

4. A green grassland in the spring

6. Loyalty

8. Charity

9. My loved ones

There are different combinations of answers that can lead to either of the 4 classes, this is just one way to get to it.