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Min-Max Summoning Suggestions[edit | edit source]

The concept of team building in Langrisser mobile is approximate to classic MMO: The holy trinity of Tank, Healer and DPS. Your main force will always including at least 3 characters for each position, since most times you can only send 5-6 units for each level, sometimes you need 3 DPS, sometimes you need 2 healers, and sometimes you need some special force for strategic goals, here's the basic guide for which hero you should aiming for each position.

Besides positions in team, there's another important factor to consider about: Character's faction.You can check character's faction in game by the icons above their attributes, Langrisser mobile have 7 factions at launch, with another 3 factions after certain update. Each faction will have certain characters can provide an indispensable buff for whole team as their level 35 skill, which will provide 3-4 buffs at the same time (+20% ATK/INT, +20% DEF, +30% MDEF, Plus some special effects based on skill), without those buff, you'll face hard time after the difficulty spike at level 35. And characters without buff can't have their peak performance on battlefield. Because of each of those buffs will only work for certain faction, Build your team around certain characters belongs to the same faction could use those buffs at full potential. But no faction is perfect, so having characters outside certain faction could help.

Best Tanks:[edit | edit source]

Ledin is the best tank for Glory and Protagonist faction, He have skills to replace ATK with DEF+MDEF, and talent to make counter attack twice powerful, with full defensive attributes modification for his troop. Once you get him, the main tank position for a Glory faction team is settled forever. Since he can bring the faction buff skill to battlefield, He also fits the tank position for other team.

Landius is a great tank for Yeless and Protagonist factions. He's currently the only buffer for Yeless atm. He really shines after you take him to 5 or 6 stars. He may not do as much counter damage as Ledin, but his ability allows him to counter from 2 spaces away and increases his attack by 20% and defense by 15% as long as there is an ally within 2 spaces( at 6 stars), so he's the perfect tank for all occasions. Great equipment build would be the reflect style utilizing thorn enchant.

Vargas' is the best tank for Empire/Strategy faction, with the best skill set for both lancer and swordsman, and skills that can turn 1.6 x DEF into ATK, he can do his best in both offensive and defensive, He's a SR character but can perform better than most SSR characters as tank. The only shortcomings are lacking of MDEF and don't have faction buff skill,So you have to pair him with Altemuller/Bernhardt/Leon/Lanford for their buff, He's a tank exclusive to those two factions, but consider that as the advantage of them.

For Princess and Origin factions. their tank is Freya, but she's an awkward choice because her fixed damage won't work on most endgame bosses, including all dragons, so she can't do any damage output for those fights, you can choose Ledin as your main tank for those team.

Freya will be more useful when she is 5 stars and above as well as well equiped (recommended def to be 800 and above after buffs and equipment scrolling). In fights where the enemies are coming in waves and have high defence, Freya can return damage based on her defence stats and can turn the tide in killing the enemy. Also as a princess faction, she can be teamed with Tiaris which heals her after each time shes attacked. (Note, difference between Freya and Ledin is that Freya is a spear unit while Ledin is a paladin/swordman class. In situation where Ledin's spear soldiers die in a first Calvary attack, he will not survive another one while Freya can tank at least 3 Calvary attack as she is a spear unit and her defence stats are higher)

Best Healers:[edit | edit source]

Liana is one of a kind because only she can make other unit move twice in one turn,this is very important through entire game, and works best when pairing with DPS. Her talent can dispel 1 debuff for all units around her, upgrade her into 4 stars will increase dispel range to 2 (whie increasing her to 6 stars makes her able to dispel 2 debuffs), which will make endgame Flame Dragon boss fight like a walk in the park.

Tiaris have skills could help DPS to achieve ultimate damage output, as well as talent to help tanks hold the line longer, upgrade her to 6 stars and you won't regret. Tiaris's talent allow her to cast a healing aura to those 2 squares around her for 2 turns. Healing aura does not heal immediately activate after every battle (inclusive of attacking and defending). Pairing with a tank means the tank will be healed every time he/she is attacked. You need those two healers to make endgame a lot easier, other healers are just healers, but they are game-changers.

Sophia is a special one because at 6 stars, the DEF buff from her talent (30%) is even more powerful than faction buff (20%), she also have another one of a kind skill that can reduce skill cool down for whole team, but she's not "universally" useful like Liana and Tiaris.

Best DPS:[edit | edit source]

Always having Leon in your team no matter which faction you choose, because his power is beyond factions, skill "Knight's Spirit" can provide more ATK (30%) than faction buff (20%), and that's all you need. When you need an attacker for long-distance strikes. When you need to one shot some troublesome enemies, when you need someone for a suicide mission but expect they come back alive, always pick Leon, He's called "The Strongest Knight" for a reason.

Add: Leon's talent allow him to deal more damage and increase more defence stats for every square he moves and allows him to move another 3 squares after his movement/attack. He is versatile with different attacks skills which can either further increasing damage per movement or knocking his opponent away. His base stats and attack growth is currently the highest in the game. He can also equip soldiers such as angels and bats (angels have high mdef while bats can convert damage to absorb HP) allowing him greater attack power and survive after attacks. He is able to attack and kill most enemy classes in one single attack and retreat to safety.

Cherie can move again in a turn after kill, and she can kill things really fast,she's the best choice when you need to finish a level within certain time limit, but lacking of faction buff will be critical for her: if she can't one-shot enemy to trigger second move, she's highly likely in danger. Another weakness is her attributes modification for her troop: it goes full defensive for unknown reason,while Leon's troop have +40% ATK modification, Cherie only have 20%, and it's impossible to close the gap, But she's still useful for most times, since enemies can only be one shot by Leon is not very common even in endgame.

Lana is your best bet when you want to one shot enemy by magic, or kill enemies from outrange without getting hurt. Overall she's the best magi in game, good at both AoE and surgical strike, I mean, her boyfriend is the "The Strongest Knight" for a reason, and that's because she have killed anyone could be stronger than him.

Special Forces:[edit | edit source]

Hein and his master Jessica despite being SR even R rank characters, sometimes you just need one of them or even two of them for their teleport and meteor skill, those skills have irreplaceable strategic function.

You will need Lester's Hook skill when facing high level weekly challenges, as long as you can kill one of the enemies in one turn, and stay out of their threat range (use that button at bottom left), AI won't come after you. Just wait for cool down and remove them one by one. A level 1 crook can defeat 5 level 60 bosses, that's how Langrisser works.

Sometimes the terrain could be too complicated for Hook, and you will need Feraquea for that, she has a unique skill which is basically a hook but can turn the corner.

Leticia is called "the female driver" in CN community because she can drive entire team like a fast car, with talent +1 Move and her Level 45 skill +1 Move again (they stack!) your team can move at flying speed, She will remind you that speed is most valuable in military affairs.

Leafani's talent is unbelievable powerful: She can leave a bomb at enemy troop by just passing by (2 bombs at 5 stars), based on her INT, the bomb can deal solid 4K+ fixed damage, the best part of those bombs is they are considered as debuff, not being attacked, so as long as you stay out of their threat range, this damage won't aggro AI, in some high level challenge maps, to counter hooks, level designer would make enemy units stay in small rooms,but the wall of rooms will limit their movement as well, so having a Leafani stand by the wall can remove them without aggro anything. (The "Lava Titan" troop have the same function, cause damage based on enemy HP percentage, which is very useful under the same condition.)

Chris: Half healer, Half DPS, Can heal herself or others by attacking enemy, dispel debuff while buff others (randomly) at the same time. Not a top tier healer or DPS in general, but when you can only sent limited units (like 2), sometimes she's your best bet. Plus: See that monster-type enemy? She can exorcise an army of that with ease.

Core of Factions:[edit | edit source]

Some characters are "Core" of certain faction for their faction buff skill. They have their own merits, but always need to sacrifice skill slots for buff skill, so they can't go all out to tap the full potential of their team.

Elwin: Underpowered at launch, but got a lot of buffs through patches. Not sure which version of Elwin will appear at global launch, but he will be powerful enough eventually. Elwin is the core of Glory faction, with one of the best faction buff give 15% extra damage boost in battle (which means doesn't work for AoE)as long as troop's HP stay more than 80%, and it's best fit for Cherie, His talent's recovery rate was buffed in recent patch for CN, from 60% (at 6 stars) to 100%, sometimes you can just throw him into the midst of the enemy and watch him defeat everyone while at full HP,but if you don't plan to get him to 6 stars through gacha, as for Glory faction, spending fragment farming limit (9 times per day)on Cherie or Ledin will be more efficiency. DO NOT try to use Elwin as tank since his lancer class path is the only lancer without any guard skill,he can't provide protection to anyone. Elwin performs better in Empire faction team, he have a solid skill set but will waste half of his skill slot for the buff.

Bernhardt: You don't have many choices for Empire faction - don't waste Leon's skill slots for faction buff skill, and Lance might be an useful attacker, but he can't fly back alive after rushed out. Bernhardt's biggest advantage is also his biggest disadvantage, just like Freya, the fixed damage skill is very powerful, but totally useless when against certain bosses. His talent is very powerful since it can weaken all enemies around him,when standing besides a tank, he could reduce a lot of stress by reducing enemy's ATK. Or He can works as a Tank for Dark faction, not as good as other tanks but that class path have shield bash skill, and it's very useful.

Altemuller: Provide best faction buff for Leon,sadly this is his greatest selling point. The special effect of his function buff is ignore moment penalty from all terrains, which means you can use Leon as flying unit except can't actually fly in the sky, but forest, sands, walls won't slow Leon's assault anymore. He has Lancer class path but won't become better Tank than Vargas since attributes modification for his troop goes offensive, as Dragon Raider he's a good attacker, but all attackers besides Leon and Cherie share the same problem: if they can't return to tank unit's guard scope in one turn, they will be in grave danger.

Bozel: Another very powerful character beyond faction, he's the only core for Dark faction but using him as a core would be a waste, since he is one of the best AoE mages in game, and don't actually need faction buff to go all out. Bozel only need one attribute: MDEF, his INT = 1.5 x MDEF, give him an MDEF buff and he can show you his full power, His talent with two AoE magic can give tons of enemies tons of debuff,During PvP, with enough luck he can silence opponent's entire team and wins immediately, he's so powerful that a lot of PvP players would only choose certain accessories just to counter him,

Luna: Weak in early game but become stronger and stronger as endgame goes deeper, her faction buff for Princess provide fixed damage based on enemy's HP remnant,combine with Lana and Shelfaniel's AoE magics, even in the highest level weekly challenges, no enemy can have half of their HP left after one turn.She's a solid bow raider even without the buff, when wearing boots as accessory she can move 6+3 tiles in one turn, Plus her ATK = 1.5 x MDEF. Her Pegasus raider class path isn't as useful as bow raider (there's a lot of flying units, but not so many physical ranged DPS), but still helpful if you need an extra hand against high level Dark Dragon.

Shelfaniel: When fixed damage doesn't work,her faction buff for Princess is better, but just like Bozel, buff is always a waste of her skill slots. Her talent can reduce the cool down of her skills, at 6 stars she can spam 2 AoE magics without cool down. She's also the only character whose Holy class path have the same INT as Magi class path (Lana's Holy class path lower INT a lot), which made her one of the best monster buster.

Conclusion:[edit | edit source]

Always roll for Leon/Liana/Tiaris no matter what, those character can fit every faction, irreplaceable even without faction buff.

Glory faction team always need a Ledin, without him the only usable tank is Grenier but trust me he will only become more and more useless as game progress, his second class path will be bow rider which is not helpful for tank role at all, even developer have abandoned him.

Princess have the best healer and Mages, god tier at end game PvE content, but it also require a lot of SSR characters, which means it also require a lot of luck or just whale.

Empire and Strategy faction have a significant amount of overlap, if you get Bernhardt, go for Empire, if you get Altemuller, go for Strategy.

Before Gerold & Layla update, every SSR you got is useful, I don't know why they still haven't fixed this duo yet, all I know is I stopped gacha in random pool from long time ago just to avoid them,

Another important thing is DON'T WASTE ALL YOUR VOUCHERS/GEMS IN ONE POOL, save them and wait longer until "concentrate pool" drops: concentrate pool always including 3 up characters, and the first SSR you got from the pool must be the one you haven't unlocked yet, this is the best way to get the character you want, also all SSR characters you already got - even if you never use them,can help you with method of exclusion. Got a Dieharte but can't make any use of him? Later he will help you to get Luna or Tiaris in their concentrate pool!

After reaching max level, you have to build teams based on multiple factions for endgame content, guild raid will help you get enough materials, while concentrate pool will help you unlock more characters for certain,always save some resources for next pool, a simplified but focused team is better for early game, and a comprehensive group is better for endgame.

But What about Origin Faction?[edit | edit source]

I honestly don't know how to use this faction, even after I got all characters of this faction besides Jugler.

Sure origin have its potential, Kirikaze is one of the best swordsman units in game,and there's a lot of ranged DPS, but with the same resource for swordsman, you can build a better Elwin,with the same resource for Knight Dieharte, you can build a better Leon,and every ranged DPS need the rarest SSR bows in game to show their full power, which I never got after more than 4 months.

There's only 9 times per day to farm fragments for characters, do you really want to use the chance on SR characters? Magic stones are the most rarest resource, do you want to use them on SR characters? If you want to, you can have a full functional origin team, maybe it's better PvP focused, maybe it's in parallel with other teams if not better, but it's still an obscure choice for most people (in CN community). So yeah, you need someone better than me for this part.