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Note: This list may contain minor spoilers! Discretion while reading is advised.

This is a list of skills available to the player in Langrisser I & II.

Commanders are able to equip up to two skills at a time. New skills can be learned by unlocking classes on the Class Tree.

1-Star Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Effect Description Unlock Reward for
Acolyte MGR + 5 Acolytes are taught that faith is nurtured by daily prayer. Sister
Alluring Evil DEF +10, MGR +10, AGL +5,

Mercenary DEF +10%

Foolish prey drawn in by an alluring scent is quickly devoured. Scylla
Apprentice MAG + 5 Sorcerers' apprentices mostly just carry buckets of water. Shaman, Warlock
Beast Within ATK +10, HP +20,

Mercenary ATK +10%

A hunger for flesh and a thirst for blood. Werewolf
Rookie Sky Knight DEX +1 Those who conquer the skies own the battlefield. Hawk Knight, Ledin or Elwin*
Spoils of War Mecenary ATK +5% Nothing motivates mercenaries like the promise of plunder. Pirate, Elwin*
Squire Commander Bonus:

DEF +5%

Knights are trained early to lead men into battle. Knight, Ledin or Elwin*
Trainee Soldier DEF +5 New soldiers need to survive long enough to get better. Fighter
Way of the Sword ATK +5 The path of the blade is long and filled with strife. Gladiator, Ledin or Elwin*

*Depending upon the player's answers to Lucilis's questions in the character creation.

2-Star Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Effect Description Unlock Reward for
Agent of Night Vs. Infantry +20% DMG,

Vs. Cavalry -20% DMG

The power to strike down your foes without err. Assassin, Elwin*
Ancestry of Light Mercenary ATK +5% A pure heart and eyes that shine with hope embrace all.
Diligent Study MGR +10, MP +4 Magic isn't all about fireballs. It's mostly studying. Sorcerer
Guardian Blade DEF +10 Sword skills to defend oneself can also protect others. Ledin or Elwin*
Hawkeye ATK +10, AGL +5 A sharp eye can be just as important as a sharp blade. Hawk Lord, Ledin or Elwin*
Hellhound's Roar ATK +20, DEF -10,

Vs. Spearmen +20% DMG

Three heads means three slavering mouths to feed. Cerberus
Heretic's Guidance MAG +10, MP +4 Curiosity often leads one down dark paths. Necromancer
Knight Order DEF +10, HP +10 Proof of being recognized as a defender of the kingdom. Silver Knight
Lust for Knowledge MAG +20, MGR +15,

HP -20

Even without a body, this soul still burns for knowledge. Lich
Magic Barrier MGR +20 Let your faith be as a shield against evil. Cleric
Monarch's Rule ATK +5, DEF +5,

Mercenary ATK +5%, Mercenary DEF + 5%

Those who rally the soldiers claim the crown of victory. Lord
Naval Boarding ATK +10, DEX +5 The quickest way to sink a ship is from behind the wheel. Captain, Ledin or Elwin*
Phalanx Mercenary DEF +10%,

Vs. Cavalry +20% DMG

The sight of soldiers in perfect formation can scatter armies. Paladin, Elwin*
Pride ATK +10 The right mix of skill and belief makes a strong knight. Ledin or Elwin*
Sturdy HP +20 In this harsh world, a sturdy body is key to survival. Ledin or Elwin*
Tsunami Charge ATK +15, DEF +10,

Mercenary ATK +10%

Nothing can stop the charge of an enraged sea serpent. Serpent
Vengeance Blade ATK +20, MP -10,

Vs. Infantry +20% DMG

Though its body is long gone, its drive for vengeance lives on. Dullahan

*Depending upon the player's answers to Lucilis's questions in the character creation.

3-Star Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Effect Description Unlock Reward for
Assault Medal DEF +20,

Command Area +1

An accolade awarded for boldly charging the enemy lines. Highlander
Banquet of Ecstasy MAG +20, AGL +10,

Command Area +1, Mercenary MGR +10%

Countless adventurers have fallen to its temptations. Succubus
Battle Princess ATK +20,

Mercenary ATK +10%

Beloved by her soldiers, she joins them on the front lines. Unicorn Knight
Grudge Armor ATK +20, DEF +20,

MGR +20, AGL -10

This once-polished armor is now stained black by hate. Living Armor
Loving Heart MGR +20, MP +5,

Mercenary MGR +10%

Strength wins wars, but love conquers all. Priest
Mad Charge ATK +40, DEF -20,

MGR -20, HP +40

No wall or shield stands a chance against pure rage. Minotuar
Melee Master ATK +20,

Vs. Spearmen +20% DMG

Those who lead the charge are the first to claim glory. Swordsman
Miasma Wall DEF +10, MAG +15,

MGR +10, MP +10

A barrier of dark fog that smells of death. Summoner
Raging Tentacles ATK +20, DEF +15, DEX +10,

Vs. Marines +20% DMG

Its thrashing arms can easily split a ship in half. Kraken
Raid Formation ATK +25, MGR -20 A reckless charge that throws enemy forces into disarray. Dragon Knight
Searing Feather DEF -10, MAG +20,

MGR +20, MP +20

Its feathers, shining like the sun, are full of powerful magic. Phoenix
Skirmisher Command Area +1, Mercenary ATK +10% A support formation that makes good use of its mobility. High Lord
Steadfast Faith DEF +20, MGR +15,

HP +20

Swords rust and magic fades. Only faith is everlasting. Saint
Suppressing Fire DEF -10, MAG +25,

MP +10

Leaving advancing to the grunts and just keep tossing fireballs! Mage
Torrent Rider DEF +10, MGR +10,

HP +20

Raging waves are like still water to a skilled Serpent Knight. Serpent Knight

4-Star Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Effect Description Unlock Reward for
Admiral Command Area +1, Mercenary ATK +10%,

Vs. Marines +20% DMG, Vs. Aquatic Demons +20% DMG

A rank denoting mastery of commanding armies at sea. Serpent Lord
Arcane Scholar MAG +20, MGR +30,

HP -40, MP +20

Magic, like any other discipline, demands tireless study. Arch Mage
Holy Light DEF +10, MAG +10,

MP +20

A blessing from the goddess for those with a pure heart. Sage
Iron Wall DEF +30, MOV -1,

Mercenary DEF +15%, Vs. Cavalry +20% DMG

Arrows, blades, and men alike are dashed upon this wall. General
Knight's Honor DEF +10, MGR +10, Mercenary DEF +10% The skills of one who has led men through countless battles. Knight Master
Maelstrom ATK +20, MGR -20,

MP +20, DEX +10

Blow the enemy away, leaving only scorched earth behind. Dragon Lord
Sacred Veil MAG +10, MGR +20, Mercenary MGR +10% The goddess smiles on those who never forget to pray. High Priest
Skull Emblem DEF -10, MAG +40,

HP -30

Those who master the art of evasion have nothing to fear. Zauberer
Stealth Force ATK +20, MOV +2,

Mercenary Count -1

Your orders: flank the enemy and neutralize their commander. Ranger
Sword God's Roar ATK +40, DEF -30 A fluid, deadly strike is the culmination of the way of the sword. Swordsmaster
Stone Fist ATK +20, DEF -10, Vs. Infantry +20% DMG,

Vs. Cavalry +20% DMG, Vs. Sky Knights -20% DMG

There's no need for tricks when you have a giant stone arm. Stone Golem
Lord of the Dead MAG +20, MP +20,

Mercenary ATK +15%

Perfect soldiers, the dead follow orders without hesitation. Vampire Lord
Obsidian Scales DEF +30, MGR +30,

AGL -5

Scales darker than night and harder than steel. Great Dragon
Deicide Venom ATK +30, DEF +20, MGR -20,

Mercenary Count -1

Foul venom deadly enough to slay even gods. Jormungand
Vicious Instinct ATK +30, MOV +1, HP +40,

Mercenary Count -1

The only thing on its mind is ripping its prey to shreds. Dino Master

5-Star Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Effect Description Unlock Reward for
Arcane Secrets MAG +40, MGR +20,

Mercenary Count -1

At the end of decades of study: the truth of all things. Wizard
Courage ATK +30, DEF +30, MOV +2, Mercenary Count -2,

Vs. Dragons +50% DMG

It's in the most dire of crises that the soul shines brightest. Hero
Darkness's Blessing MP +25,

Mercenary ATK +25%

Blessed by Chaos, the maiden now prays for destruction. Dark Princess
Effortless Carnage ATK +50, DEX +10,

Vs. Archers -30% DMG, Vs. Ballistae -10% DMG

Foes fall like straw dolls before such overwhelming might. Dragon Master
Emperor's Authority ATK +20, MOV -1,

Command Area +1, Mercenary ATK +25%

By fear or by faith, an emperor will command his soldiers. Emperor
Empress' Gaze ATK +20, MAG +30,

Mercenary ATK +20%, Mercenary DEF +20%

One look and her soldiers will gladly charge to their deaths. Queen
Heavenly Messenger DEF +20, MAG +30,

MGR +20

Proof that your actions are sanctioned by the goddess. Agent
Knight's Decree MGR -10, HP +50,

Mercenary ATK +10%, Mercenary DEF +10%

Their call gives soldiers the courage to fight on. Royal Guard
Light's Blessing MP +20,

Mercenary DEF +20%, Mercenary MGR +20%

Blessed by light, the maiden prays for salvation. Princess
Sea Devil DEF +20, MAG +20,

MGR +20, MOV +1, Mercenary Count -1

The title of a great warrior feared across the seas. Serpent Master
Shadow Sorcery MAG +50,

Command Area +1, Vs. Priests -20% DMG

Cast aside everything for power, and power is all you'll need. Dark Master
Sovereign's Dignity MOV -1, Command Area +1,

Mercenary DEF +20%, Mercenary MGR +20%

Soldiers will give their all to serve a righteous king. King
Worth a Thousand ATK +20, DEF +20,

MAG +20, MGR +20, DEX +10, Mercenary Count -2

With such power, subordinates only get in the way. High Master