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For current discussion and topics regarding the Wiki, please see the Langrisser Wiki talk:Community portal page.

The information below is slightly outdated, but is kept intact temporarily until this page can be properly updated.

Main Priority[edit source]

  • Backend Cleanup, FEH Remnants - This wiki's foundation is the Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki. There are many elements there that do not really relate to Langrisser Mobile and need to be removed or repurposed.
    • In-depth knowledge of Templates, Cargo Tables, and the backend of the Wiki would be useful for this task.
    • The most pressing one may be the Hero Infobox which has been slightly re-purposed for Langrisser Mobile. However, it is not clean and optimized.
  • Template Creation - This wiki currently lacks basic templates for soldiers, equipment, and skills. (Everything seems to be done manually.) Creating templates will allow editors to just edit the template if something changes instead of manually going to every location and changing the values.
    • Equipment would be a great start. Soldiers and Skills may have to wait for a bit until the main character pages are finalized (for template formatting).
  • Fact Checking - Information on the Wiki may be inaccurate or simply does not exist. Please input correct values or add them if they are missing.
    • This includes misc data such as materials required for class ascensions, stats gained from Class Mastery, and so on.
  • Localization Unification - Some pictures and terms still use "CN Names" instead of the current EN ones. Please change these to their EN names for easy access by editors.
    • Examples: Unbreakable Guardian's icon is known as Iron Body, Phalanx's icon is Armored Lancer, etc.

High Priority[edit source]

  • Expanded Professionalism: Heroes, Soldiers, Equipment - Please expand on these three core articles, mostly delving into basic gameplay mechanics and how they work.

Page Ideas[edit source]

  • Skins List - A table full of various skins in the game. This includes Soldier skins as well.
    • Layout Idea: Skin Artwork, Skin Chibi (Battle Sprite), How To Obtain (including price, if any), EN Status (Released, Limited Time, Not Yet Implemented)