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About Langrisser
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Langrisser Mobile News - Major Update-18 Re Incarnation of Light!

MU-18 is Live June 4th featuring the reboot of Langrisser RE: Incarnation ~Tensei~ heroes Ares & Maiya in Zlongame Style Artwork sure to get you fired up this Summer!
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In MU-18 We get an all new Tower Defense PVP Mode for Casual Play, Magic Tower Conquest, a World Event Strange Traveler, and Ares & Maiya!

About the Game Series -

Langrisser is an iconic Japanese Anime Styled Strategy RPG Series originating in 1991. With Langrisser I & II now available on Modern Consoles, you can experience the classic adventure like never before in Hi-Resolution or re-live the classics with the classic mode features such as the original art, maps, and soundtracks and join our community of fans in the world of Langrisser. And now with the dawning of Langrisser Mobile, 150 Years have passed since the end of Langrisser V - while some elements early on were very non-canon like in behavior and silly, as it is a Mobile Game, Zlongames Writers have taken a turn for the serious and brought much of the lore into the writing twisting it into what could soon be considered Canon Story line. Welcome to Langrisser, Commanders.

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Mobile Hero Spotlight
RE: Incarnation of Light
Major Update 18 Heroes -UNCENSORED MAIYA-

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