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Joint Battle[edit | edit source][]

Joint Battles is a daily co-op only event that only available during certain times of the day (2:00 PM & 9:00 PM US Central Standard Time). To unlock Joint Battles, Chapter 16 of the main story must be completed first. Note that there is a chance to obtain Rare or Epic Martial Spirits from Joint Battles.

Monday & Tuesday: Realm of Darkness

  • Rewards: Weapons, Enchants 1 (Clock, Meteor, Steel), Enchants 2 (Full Moon, Thorns, Hard Rock)
  • Arguably the easiest Joint Battle. Take on 3 separate groups and then the boss.
    • The hardest part may be simply getting from one end of the map to another.

Wednesday & Thursday: Imperial Invasion

  • Rewards: Bond Keys, Bond Items
  • Difficulty varies due to variable enemy composition.

Friday & Saturday: Angelica's Guardians

  • Rewards: Helmets, Armor, Enchant 1 (Rough Sea, Magic, Crystal), Enchant 2 (Blazing Sun, Ice, Tree of Life, Breeze)
  • Arguably the hardest JB because it is an NPC escort mission and ambush spawns.
  • Ambush spawns are controlled by the NPC moving to a certain tile. You can stall ambushes by moving one of your characters on the tile so Angelica can't get to it, allowing time to regroup or take out other enemies.
    • The 1st ambush tile is diagonal of the "lone woods" tile and the the main starting forest. Enemies will spawn east of here.
    • The 2nd ambush tile is 2 tiles east from the "lone tree" tile next to the dirt road. Enemies will spawn in two groups,on the left and right sides of the dirt road from the mountains (behind you).
    • Typically, it is wise to stall the 2nd ambush and kill the boss first, then set up to handle the 2nd ambush. This helps Angelica not run herself into the boss mob and get herself killed.

Sunday: Light's Illumination

  • Rewards: Crafting Hammers, Gold
  • Difficulty varies as this JB relies on each teammate being able to hold their own lane. If the team member can't hold, then it is typically game over.
  • It is possible to "divert" the east and west enemies by simply moving units to "block" the hallway in a vertical formation. The enemy AI will believe the path is blocked and look for another way around (normally moving south).
    • If the "block" is removed, the enemies may resume their march and head back towards their intended hallway instead of going all the way south.
    • Use this tactic with caution as it is possible to build up enemies from the 2nd wave, so the players will have to potentially deal with a group of 5 units instead of the usual amount.