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Langrisser is a series of strategy role-playing games that first appeared on the Mega Drive in 1991 with the release of Langrisser I. The first two entries of the series were developed by Career Soft, then known as Team Career within Masaya Games. After completing the development of Langrisser II, Career Soft became an independent studio in 1996, until separating from Masaya Games entirely following the release of Langrisser V in 1998.

The series was originally published by Nippon Computer Systems (NCS) until 2014, and by Extreme Games from 2014 until the present.

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  • The Langrisser series takes much of the framework for its world building from NCS's earlier series Ethlead.
  • After separating from Masaya Games, Career Soft began development of the Growlanser series, the unofficial successor to Langrisser.

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