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A gallery of the SSR units currently in the global version of the game. Grayed out heroes indicate heroes that are not owned.

Hero & Equipment Grid[]

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Heroes of Langrisser[]

In Langrisser Mobile, the player utilizes heroes and their attached soldiers in battle to accomplish victory. Each of these heroes come from one of the different Langrisser games released, summoned by the player (with the exception of the story heroes.)

These heroes have a starting class, and as they advance in power, they travel down a class tree which confers various benefits dependent upon the class. These benefits include different kinds of soldiers, skills, and unit types. Heroes are accompanied by soldiers, with the hero starting with soldiers that match his/her unit type (e.g. an infantry hero starts with infantry soldiers), but as the hero advances in their class and down the class tree, different kinds of soldiers may be assigned to the hero. In addition to soldiers, heroes gain access to a number of different skills that can be used in battle, also obtained through class progression. Heroes are also able to equip equipment, which increases a unit's stats dependent upon the kind of equipment and slot.

Unique to every hero is what is known as a talent. Talents offer a variety of different bonuses, from increasing certain stats, or even replacing one stat with another, to gaining another turn should certain conditions be met. Every hero has a designated rarity that cannot be changed (with the exception of story heroes) as well as a Star Rank, which affects both a hero's stats and talent. Heroes also belong to different factions (usually more than one), which is used primarily for fusion power skills, carried by specific heroes to lead other faction members.


In Langrisser, each hero is assigned a starting class. This starting class defines a hero's unit type (e.g. If a hero's starting class is Fighter, then the hero's initial unit type will be infantry.)

As a hero gains EXP and levels up, the hero can advance their rank in their current class. A hero's class can be advanced starting at level 5, and again every five levels thereafter. Once a hero has advanced through all ranks of a particular class, they achieve class mastery. When a hero masters a class, they receive a mastery bonus, a permanent increase to two or three of their stats which can be carried over into any other class. After mastering their starting class, the hero will then advance down the class tree, which contains three tiers that can roughly be labelled as: Starting Class (Tier 1), Dedicated and Deviating Paths (Tier 2), and the Final Class (Tier 3). After the mastering the starting class, the hero can choose one of three different paths to pursue. Every hero has a dedicated path that acts as a continuous advancement of their starting class, as well as two others that often (but not always) change their unit type.

For example, Cherie's starting class is Hawk Knight, and as such she gains the Flier unit type. After she masters her initial class, she can choose one of three paths to follow: Her dedicated path keeps her as a flier and continues to give her stronger flying soldiers in addition to cavalry units. Of her two deviating paths, one changes her unit type to assassin, and gives her assassin soldiers, while the other also keeps her as a flier but focuses on different stats than her dedicated path. Once a hero has mastered a second tier class, they can advance to the third tier which contains their Final Class. In contrast to the second tier, the third tier of classes for a hero will only contain only one or two classes, one of which will always be a hero's dedicated path.

Whenever a hero advances to a higher class Tier, they are somewhat locked into their selected class, requiring a Rune Stone to move laterally between paths. Advancing further down the same class tree does not require a Rune Stone. For example, if Cherie advances into the Dragon Knight class, she will require a Rune Stone to later transfer to the Pegasus Lord or Raider class, but can freely advance to the Dragon Master class once she achieves class mastery of the Dragon Knight class.


As a hero advances their classes, they gain skills to assist them in battle. Skills are either Active or Passive skills, and offer a variety of different benefits from direct damage to stat increases. After using an Active skill, a unit's turn will end (unless the skill has additional effects that enable them to do otherwise). Skills are further divided into 6 subcategories:

  • Physical / Magic Damage: Damage skills grant a hero additional offensive capabilities when using the skill. These may include higher damage multipliers, buffs or debuffs to the hero or the opponent, or AoE (area of effect) attacks. In addition, these skills may deal increased damage to a certain unit type (such as Fireball dealing bonus damage versus Infantry-type units) or granting extra mobility when using the skill (such as Lanford's Javelin skill).
  • Heal: These skills provide healing in some form, either by restoring HP immediately or granting HP regeneration under certain circumstances, such as after battle or at the end of the unit's action.
  • Assist: Assist skills vary wildly in their effects, but all provide some sort of benefit to either the hero or an allied target, such as increasing their stats, granting buffs, removing or preventing debuffs, and more.
  • Passive: Passive skills also vary wildly, even more than assist skills, and do not need to be activated to gain their benefit. Instead, they are usually reliant upon a certain condition being met, or have a percent chance of activating in response to a certain condition.
  • Command: Command skills grant buffs to all allies in an area around the unit who possesses the skill. Units carrying similar Command skills cannot stack their effects.
  • Fusion Power: Colloquially known as "Faction Buffs," these are rare skills earned by a handful of units upon reaching their final class. These provide a 20% bonus to ATK, INT, and DEF, and a 30% bonus to MDEF for all player-controlled units on the field who belong to a specific faction. In addition, Fusion Powers obtained by SSR heroes also grant an additional buff unique to that hero. If units that are currently under the effect of a Fusion Power receive the effects of another Fusion Power, the bonuses to ATK, INT, DEF, and MDEF have their durations refreshed, but will not stack. Additionally, the unique buffs granted by SSR heroes cannot be stacked; when a unit receives a new unique buff, the old one is removed.

Skill Points, Slots, and Cooldowns: All skills cost either 1 or 2 skill points, and require a slot to equip. A hero can use no more than 5 skill points at once, and has 3 total skill slots. Certain effects may prevent a hero from being able to activate their active or passive skills, such as Bozel's Seal skill or Elwin's Detect skill. Finally, most skills have a Cooldown ranging from 1 to 5 turns; certain skills, such as Heal, have no Cooldown and can be used every turn.

Talents and Star Ranks[]

Every hero has a unique talent that provides a number of different functionalities. The strength of these talents may be increased by increasing a hero's star rank. All heroes have star rank from 1 to 6 which affects their stats and talent, and may be increased by acquiring shards. These shards may be acquired by purchasing them in the store for Trinity Crystals, clearing missions in a hero's Gate of Fate, completing specific events, or most commonly, through summoning. After acquiring a sufficient number of shards, they may be spent to increase a hero's star rank by one star. Heroes have different starting star ranks depending upon their rarity:

Star Ranks


Each hero belongs to one or more factions. The existence of these allegiances is not very important at the beginning stages of the game. However, as the player continues to level up their heroes, factions begin to play a large role in tactics and strategy. These factions are lead by a faction leader (or leaders), who carry a fusion power skill. As stated in the "Skills" section, fusion power skills provide a significant power boost to all heroes belonging to a certain faction. These power of these skills shape teams and lead to faction teams; squads that are comprised mostly or entirely of units belonging to a specific faction.

A list of all the faction emblems. Starting left to right from the top left: Dark Reincarnation, Empire's Honor, Heroes of Time, Legion of Glory, Meteor Strike, Origins of Light, Princess Alliance, Protagonists, Strategic Masters, and Yeless Legends.

Dark Reincarnation
A collection of dark warriors from the history of Langrisser.

Dark Reincarnation[]

Empire's Honor
A group of patriotic souls who symbolize courage, loyalty, and fearlessness.

Empire's Honor[]

Legion of Glory
The warriors remembered by the people of this land are optimistic, courageous, and righteous.

Legion of Glory[]

Heroes of Time
Heroes of space and time gather in El Sallia.

Heroes of Time[]

Meteor Strike
A sharp blade that strikes at the heart of the enemy.

Meteor Strike[]

Mythical Realm
One who has touched mysterious and great power, and surpassed the realm of "Men."

Mythical Realm[]

Origins of Light
A radiant beam that cuts through darkness with the will of freedom.

Origins of Light[]

Princess Alliance
An assembly of noble and beautiful female fighters!

Princess Alliance[]

An assembly of all the legendary main characters.


Strategic Masters
Those who achieve victory with intellect and strategy.

Strategic Masters[]

Yeless Legends
Foreign warriors who fight for faith.

Yeless Legends[]


Hero List[]

Portrait Name Origin Type Factions Rarity
Aaron Langrisser II
Almeda Langrisser


Altemuller Langrisser III
Angelina Langrisser IV
Anna Langrisser III
Bernhardt Langrisser II
Bozel Langrisser I
Cherie Langrisser II
Chris Langrisser I
Dieharte Langrisser III
Dios Langrisser III
Egbert Langrisser II
Elwin Langrisser II
Emerick Langrisser III
Feraquea Langrisser III
Freya Langrisser III
Gerold & Layla Langrisser III
Grenier Langrisser


Hein Langrisser II
Imelda Langrisser II
Jessica Langrisser I
Jugler Langrisser III
Keith Langrisser II
Kirikaze Langrisser III
Laird Langrisser II
Lambda Langrisser V
Lana Langrisser II
Lance Langrisser I
Landius Langrisser IV
Lanford Langrisser IV
Liffany Langrisser III
Ledin Langrisser I
Leon Langrisser II
Lester Langrisser II
Leticia Langrisser I
Lewin Langrisser III
Liana Langrisser II
Licorice Langrisser Re:Incarnation
Listell Langrisser IV
Luna Langrisser III
Matthew Langrisser


Narm Langrisser I
Pierre Langrisser III
Rachel Langrisser IV
Rohga Langrisser II
Scott Langrisser II
Shelfaniel Langrisser IV
Sigma Langrisser V
Silverwolf Langrisser III
Sonya Langrisser II
Sophia Langrisser III
Tiaris Langrisser III
Vargas Langrisser II
Varna Langrisser III
Zerida Langrisser


Time-Limited Units[]

Portrait Name Origin Type Factions Rarity
Estelle Trails in the Sky
Joshua Trails in the Sky
Klose Trails in the Sky
Renne Trails in the Sky
Leonhardt Trails in the Sky
Olivier Trails in the Sky

Unreleased Units[]

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