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Goddess Trials, also known as Dragon Trials, is where plays can obtain new Equipment and Enchants for their Heroes. Each dragon has their own rewards and weaknesses, so come prepared when challenging them!

Dragons are proper bosses in Langrisser Mobile and are immune to Fixed Damage and Stuns. Adjust your strategy if needed!

Monday, Thursday: Flame Dragon

  • Rewards: Random Equipment (Weapon, Helmet, Armor), Enchants (Clock, Meteor, Steel), Crafting Hammers
  • Weakness: None!
  • Tips
    • Beware of the map-wide AoE attack. The Flame Dragon will start with this move and use it every "x" turns.
    • Try to bring someone who can clear debuffs, as the Flame Dragon loves to debuff your party. Alternatively, just try to be immune to the debuffs (Liana's Gospel, Leon's Chivalry).
    • Mechanics in Goddess Trial

Tuesday, Friday: Ice Dragon

  • Rewards: Random Armor, Enchants (Full Moon, Hard Rock, Thorns), Crafting Hammers
  • Weakness: Archer, Mage, Holy, Demon
  • Tips
    • Melee units are not recommended for the Ice Dragon itself as it has high damage reduction against Melee. Only take a melee unit if you absolutely need one to clear the mobs before the boss.
    • Prioritize heroes with high MDEF as the Ice Dragon does Magic Damage. Bozel, Lana, and Luna (as an Archer) are recommended choices.

Wednesday, Saturday: Thunder Dragon

  • Rewards: Random Helmet, Enchants (Rough Sea, Magic, Crystal), Crafting Hammers
  • Weakness: Infantry, Lancer, Aquatic
  • Tips
    • Ranged units are not recommended for the Thunder Dragon as it has high damage reduction against Ranged. Your melee units should be strong enough to handle the mobs, so avoid bring ranged heroes if possible.
    • Heroes with buff removal, debuff potential, and self sustain are recommended. The Thunder Dragon has high enough stats and it doesn't need to be higher. Elwin is the best choice, although Lewin and Bernhardt can be used if necessary.
    • Be careful if sending in multiple units against the Thunder Dragon as its AoE is deadly and can easily kill your party, even if they are at full health. One kill is enough for the Dragon to act again and it will likely kill another unit.
    • The Thunder Dragon is considered to be the hardest Dragon, so do not be discouraged if your party can't handle him!

Sunday: Dark Dragon

  • Rewards: Random Weapons, Enchants (???), Crafting Hammers
  • Weakness: Cavalry, Flier, Assassin
  • Tips
    • The Dark Dragon is a DPS race as it will enrage at turn 10, gaining a huge boost to ATK power and making the fight almost unwinnable. It is still possible to finish off the Dark Dragon when it is enraged, provided its HP is low enough to be depleted by the remaining party members.
    • Fliers are best used here as there is only one lone path to the Dark Dragon for ground units (Cavalry and Assassins).
    • At the start of the match, the Dark Dragon will damage the entire party but give them a buff that will allow them to heal a percentage of damage dealt.
    • The Dark Dragon can be considered the easiest Dragon, but this is associated with players normally investing the most in their DPS characters first (typically Cherie or Leon). The hardest part is dealing with the mobs and the enrage timer.