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In the Eternal Temple, players can fight one of 4 Phantoms that rotate on a daily basis. The 4 Phantoms are Valkyrie, Leviar, Scylla and Phoenix. Each one can be challenged at 3 different difficulty levels - level 55, level 60 and level 65 - providing that the previous level has been cleared at least once already. Heroes from certain factions will be provided 40% bonus stats in fights with specific Phantoms. For defeating a Phantom in the Eternal Temple, players are rewarded with Bond Keepsakes which are necessary to upgrade a hero's center Heart Bond and are primarily available through this content. The central bond grants a unit extra flat stats and bonus passive effects at Heart Bond levels 4, 7 and 10 depending on their current class. The Eternal Temple can only be cleared once per day.

Bond Material Drop Table
Phantom Faction with Bonus Level 55 Level 60 Level 65
Icon Group Origin.png
Icon Group Empire.png
8 × Sand of Origin, 3 × Sand of Divinity 10 × Sand of Origin, 4 × Sand of Divinity 12 × Sand of Origin, 5 × Sand of Divinity, 1 × Core of Supremacy
Icon Group Dark.png
Icon Group Princess.png
8 × Wings of Origin, 3 × Wings of Divinity 10 × Wings of Origin, 4 × Wings of Divinity 12 × Wings of Origin, 5 × Wings of Divinity, 1 × Core of Supremacy
Icon Group Light.png
Icon Group Meteor.png
8 × Spirit of Origin, 3 × Spirit of Divinity 10 × Spirit of Origin, 4 × Spirit of Divinity 12 × Spirit of Origin, 5 × Spirit of Divinity, 1 × Core of Supremacy
Icon Group Lead.png
Icon Group WisdomAndCourage.png
Icon Group Crystal.png
16 × Fire of Origin, 6 × Fire of Divinity 20 × Fire of Origin, 8 × Fire of Divinity 24 × Fire of Origin, 10 × Fire of Divinity, 1 × Core of Supremacy

These Bond Keepsakes are guaranteed to drop on a successful clear and are only available en masse from the Eternal Temple. In addition to these rewards, players can also receive random seeds, flowers and feathers though these are also obtainable through later levels in the Time Rift.

N.B. Cores of Supremacy can drop from difficulty levels 55 and 60 at a greatly reduced rate, whereas 65 guarantees a drop. Also note that the Phoenix drops double the amount of Fires of Origin and Fires of Divinity due to it only being clearable once per week whereas the other Phantoms can be cleared twice in a week.


Valkyrie is challengeable on Mondays and Thursdays. Heroes from the Origins of Light and Empire's Honor factions will receive bonus stats in this fight.

Basic Information[]

  • All heroes deployed will be afflicted by a debuff that prevents all healing for 99 turns. This effect cannot be dispelled.
  • You will find a number of special tiles on the ground that fully heal a hero and provide 90% damage reduction for one turn when the turn is ended on one of them. These spaces are the only sources of healing on this map due to the global antiheal debuff. There are 5 of these tiles on the level 55 difficulty, 4 of them on the level 60 difficulty and 3 of them on the level 65 difficulty. One of the tiles is exactly 2 tiles above the Valkyrie on level 55 and 65 (this one may be difficult to see as it is partially obstructed by the Valkyrie's model).
  • Valkyrie will take 90% less damage from any ranged attack so it is necessary to use melee DPS units to deal meaningful damage.
  • Valkyrie is immune to any damage originating from either holy or demon units.
  • Valkyrie will change unit type upon being actively attacked in the player phase to the class of the attacking hero. For example, if it is attacked by a Leon in either his Strike Master or Royal Knight class lines, Valkyrie's class will change to cavalry, making it strong against infantry but weak against lancers.
  • During every enemy phase, Valkyrie will attack an adjacent unit then unleash a powerful AoE attack at the start of the next turn that will hit every one of the player's units on the map. This means that unless 2 turn debuffs are used, the AoE will not be affected by debuffs.
  • At the start of turn 7, the healing tiles will be replaced by fire tiles, instead causing damage to be dealt to any unit that ends their turn on one of them. This removes the only source of healing from the map and will force the fight to end within another turn or two.


  • The healing tiles provide a safe spot for squishier supporting units that may die to a single AoE (like Liana or Tiaris) to cast their skills from.
  • 4 of the tiles are 3 spaces away from Valkyrie and one is 2 spaces away. This results in Leon being a fantastic unit for combatting this Phantom as he can retreat to a safe tile after every attack, never having to take full damage from an AoE blast.
  • It is possible to follow the weapon triangle with your attacking units, making every player phase attack have advantage over the Valkyrie.
  • The safe tile directly above Valkyrie enables several safer strategies to be used that change the phantom's class in case it currently has advantage over an adjacent unit (this specific line of strategies is unable to be used on the level 60 difficulty of this fight as the tile used is not present).
    • A 2-range unit such as an archer could be used to change the Valkyrie's class to one that has no advantage over an adjacent unit in case the complete infantry>lancer>cavalry weapon triangle cannot be covered with units of adequate strength.
    • Rohga can be reclassed into a lancer and attack safely from 2-range with Sky Archers as his soldiers to change the Valkyrie's class to lancer. This allows a player with a strong cavalier and infantry unit to maximise their damage and clear the fight at a lower total power.
    • The Clothesline Pole weapon gives a hero +1 range and is equippable by lancers, cavaliers and fliers. This allows any lancer or cavalier that is not strong enough to survive a basic attack and AoE to contribute to manipulating the Valkyrie's class while potentially dealing some meaningful damage. Note that the hero must have +1 Mobility boots (either Speed, Divine or Apex) to reach a healing tile on the first turn. This strategy is unable to be used for Valkyrie 60 as there the healing tile 2 spaces above the boss is not present on this difficulty.
    • Alternatively, the Spirit Boots can be equipped if available and the unit may attack in melee range from above the Valkyrie and retreat to the healing tile 1 space above each turn. This allows the unit to contribute more damage than the 2-range method above since the Clothesline Pole reduces damage dealt by the hero and does not allow melee soldiers to attack at range. This strategy is unable to be used for Valkyrie 60 as there the healing tile 2 spaces above the boss is not present on this difficulty.

Starting positions and healing tile locations for all difficulties:


Leviar is challengeable on Tuesdays and Fridays. Heroes from the Dark Reincarnation and Princess Alliance factions will receive bonus stats in this fight.

Basic Information[]

  • Leviar takes 90% less damage from melee attacks on player phase so ranged DPS units units are necessary to deal meaningful damage.
  • Leviar will prioritize attacking melee units over ranged units so be wary of using units like Pegasus Knight Luna unless you intend for them to tank the Phantom's normal attacks.
  • Each turn, 2 allied units will be inflicted with a debuff that causes them to take 500% damage from the Leviar and applies a Listell talent-like effect that prevents healing and causes damage to the unit as a result. This will most likely cause any unit affected that attacks the Phantom on that player phase to die instantly. This debuff only lasts 1 turn.
  • Leviar will perform a magical AoE attack every turn, hitting all allied units within range. This can be reduced by any magic damage reduction skills, like Luna's talent.
  • Leviar will deal the most damage on its first attack each turn and will suffer an attack reduction in each battle after that if the boss is attacking within one tile.
  • There are only 6 turns available to complete this battle.
  • If Leviar does not suffer any damage in a given turn, Leviar will receive a stacking 20% INT buff.


  • The starting tile directly below Leviar is the only one that is 3 spaces away, allowing a 2-range unit to attack on turn 1 if they are placed there. If a unit has boots providing +1 Mobility (such as Bozel with Speed Boots), that unit can move from one of the starting tiles either side of the bottom tile and attack the Leviar on turn 1.
  • If a unit is dealt the 500% damage taken debuff, it is generally not necessary to keep them within range of the Leviar on that turn as they will simply take free damage from the AoE. Unless the unit has difficulty traversing all of the forest and mountain tiles surrounding the Phantom (such as Bow Cavalier Luna), they should be moved out of range.
  • In general, this Eternal Temple fight is a race to kill the Leviar within the turn limit.
  • Act Again is a powerful tool as it allows you to end your turn, removing the debuff and you can move in again to attack.
  • Any unit that is able to heal themselves whilst outputting damage is very valuable in this fight. Since Dark Reincarnation is a bonus faction, Bozel, Lana and Egbert are all usable and possess the Dark Reaper skill.
  • If using Lana, MDEF Intimidate can be used, increasing the damage output of teammates that act after her.
  • Multi-turn abilities like Gale and Wind Spiral can be used here at the appropriate time to ignore the debuff.
  • AoEs can be used to trigger damage on the boss so he doesn't get his stacking INT buff, if your DPS are debuffed.
  • In the higher levels, using ATK/INT Down and Damage Down effects from skills or equipment, like Earthquake, Performer's Mask, and Hydra Bow, will considerably reduce the incoming damage, making the fight a lot easier to heal. Any form of damage mitigation against high level bosses with high ATK or INT values is near invaluable in endgame PvE content due to their ability to nearly or completely one shot frailer units.
  • Note that since all of Leviar's damage in the fight is magic damage, and healers will never have a chance to attack because they have to heal the AOE damage along with any damage incurred afterwards by attacking, Shrine Maidens are of no use here, and can be substituted for Bishops and Holy Knights in Tiaris' case to improve healing efficiency.

Start Locations for Leviar


Scylla is challengeable on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Heroes from the Meteor Strike and Legion of Glory factions will receive bonus stats in this fight.

Basic Information[]

  • Scylla has three skills, each with a cooldown of 3. Whilst the initial order is random, after Scylla has cast its three skills, it will then perform a normal attack and repeat the sequence in the same order for the rest of the battle.
  • For every debuff Scylla has, it will gain a stacking ATK and DEF bonus. 4% for each on 55, 8% for each on 60 and 65.
  • Oceanic Horror strikes a single allied unit, dealing massive damage and reducing its DEF and MDEF by 20%. This hits for up to 7000-8000 damage on a hero at 65, without any other sources of damage reduction like Last Rites or Miracle.
  • Summon Leviathan spawns an Abyssal Leviathan which is very tanky and will heal Scylla for a large amount of health every turn. It has a large number of buffs on it when it spawns and will cast one of two skills, either gaining +50% DEF and the ability to guard physical attacks or +50% MDEF and the ability to guard magic attacks.
  • Spawn summons a Tentacle Spawn which will in turn summon a Lesser Tentacle Spawn. The Lesser Tentacle Spawn has the Tentacle skill present on the Cuttlefish monster found in PvE content which functions in an identical manner to Chain Hook, pulling in an enemy from up to 4 blocks away, dealing damage and reducing the target's mobility by 2.
  • Scylla will cast Poseidon's Curse on the first turn and on every subsequent fourth turn (levels 55 and 60) or every third turn (level 65). All enemies currently on the map will deal AoE damage within 2 blocks around them when they end their turn. This includes Scylla and the Abyssal Leviathan and Tentacle Spawns.


  • It is advisable to kill any enemy units that are spawned on the same turn that they are spawned.
  • Any unit that has the ability to dispel buffs before combat (such as Elwin with Roar or Sword Soul) makes the Abyssal Leviathan much easier to kill.
  • Moving all of your units out of the danger zone and spreading them out in anticipation of Poseidon's Curse will stop your units from taking a large amount of damage in exchange for dealing no damage on that turn. This is especially helpful if the Scylla casts the skill on the same turn as either of its skills that spawn units as this cumulative damage can kill units. The limitation of Poseidon's Curse can be worked around by using Teleport, Act Again, Zerida's Meteor Faction Buff Bonus, or using Spirit Boots.
  • Scylla's two skills which summon enemy units will always attempt to summon those units on the closest empty tile to the Scylla. This means that if 3 units are adjacent to the Scylla, the Leviathan or Tentacle Spawn will be summoned in the fourth empty square. You can use this to your advantage to protect your healer from being pulled away from your other units.
  • A tank is not strictly necessary for this fight. The Scylla only attacks once every four turns, the Leviathan will always cast a guard skill when spawned, the Lesser Tentacle Spawn will cast Tentacle and Oceanic Horror does not cause the Scylla to enter combat.
  • Investing in Glory spellcasters, like Chris and Hein, make the fight significantly easier because Scylla and all of her minions will gain additional DEF from being aquatic in water, whereas MDEF is unaffected. Scylla's talent only improves ATK and DEF also, so casters do not have to care about debuffs being on the boss prior to them attacking.
  • A source of ATK Down is near vital against all high level bosses due to their extreme damage output. Reducing the Scylla's ATK will also drastically reduce the burst from Oceanic Horror to more manageable levels, protecting some units from what would otherwise be certain death. If this debuff is used at the end of the turn, there is no penalty as the DEF increase the Scylla gains from its passive will be irrelevant after all units have already attacked.
  • There is no mechanical difference in the fight between 55 and 60. However, on 65, the cooldown on Poseidon's Curse will drop to two turns instead of three, meaning that you will have to deal with the AOE on a different mechanic over the course of the fight. Example cast order: Oceanic Horror (Curse) -> Spawn -> Leviathan -> Normal Attack (Curse) -> Oceanic Horror -> Spawn -> Leviathan (Curse) -> Normal Attack -> Oceanic Horror -> Spawn (Curse).

Starting positions, with tile grid highlighted for distance


Phoenix is challengeable only on Sundays. Heroes from the Strategic Masters, Protagonists and Yeless Legends factions will receive bonus stats in this fight.

Basic Information[]

  • The Phoenix will cast Phoenix Blast every turn (unless no allied units are within the danger zone), dealing 1 × physical damage and applying the Molten Armor debuff to the unit. The debuff causes the afflicted unit to suffer 100% additional physical damage. It bypasses immunity, lasts 3 turns, is stackable and cannot be dispelled.
  • If no ally units are within the danger zone, the Phoenix will cast Phoenix Fury which deals 1 × magical damage to all enemies on the map, ignoring MDEF. The tooltip for the ability states that it also "applies Burn." Phoenix Fury will actually apply 1 stack of Radiate to every allied unit upon dealing damage to them.
  • After casting one of its two skills, the Phoenix will cast the Heaven's Flame AoE attack on the same turn, dealing 1 × magical damage to all allied units within 4 spaces of it and apply the Molten Armor debuff on a random target within the ability's range.
  • Each time a unit enters combat against the Phoenix, it will receive one stack of the Radiate debuff. This debuff causes the afflicted unit to take 100% more magical damage but also deal 50% increased damage. This effect bypasses immunity, lasts 3 turns, is stackable and cannot be dispelled.
  • On certain turns, enemy Shika troops will spawn in the corners of the map. These units will start making their way towards the Phoenix.
    • Infantry Shikas will heal the Phoenix for 20% of its max HP if they get close enough.
    • Mage Shikas will use the Meteor spell on your party if they get close enough.
  • The Phoenix will prioritize attacking the closest melee unit in its range each turn. In the event of a tie, it will attack the right side first, then the bottom, then the top, and lastly the left side of the boss. In general, you will want to place the unit tanking Phoenix Blast in the tree directly below the boss to reduce incoming damage. Any unit that isn't attacking or tanking an attack should be placed on any of the defensive terrain in the surrounding area if possible.
  • Heaven's Flame ignores MDEF, and will do roughly 5000 damage with 3 Radiate stacks on 60, and 7000 on 65 with ATK Down applied.


  • As the Phoenix prioritizes attacking the closest melee unit in its range, this can be manipulated to the player's advantage.
    • A key strategy to fighting the Phoenix effectively is to cycle 3 melee units to get hit by Phoenix Blast. When the first gets hit, they can move back one space so that they will not get hit while the Molten Armor debuff is active on them. This can be done again for the second unit. When the third unit is moved back, the first can move back adjacent to the Phantom and the debuff will expire when they end their turn.
      • Though do bear in mind that one random unit will gain an extra stack of Molten Armor per turn. If lucky, this stack will land on a healer that never takes any physical damage from direct combat with the Phoenix. It is advisable to check where the extra stack of Molten Armor has landed each turn and to keep support units in range of Heaven's Flame so that they can potentially receive stacks of Molten Armor.
      • If a unit has at least 4 mobility (either naturally from their class or by equipping boots giving +1 Mobility), a unit can be moved away exactly 4 spaces to the very edge (but still inside) of the danger zone. Heaven's Flame only has a range of 4, meaning the unit will not take the AoE damage every turn and will not receive the random stack of Molten Armor. This will help the rotation strategy to be more reliable and resistant to this random aspect of the fight.
    • Healers and other ranged units are completely safe within the range of the AoE as they will only ever take 1 × damage from it unless they actively engage in combat with the Phoenix. It is safe to position a healer or other ranged unit (such as Bow Cavalier Luna for her magic damage reduction aura) directly adjacent to the Phantom providing there is also a melee unit adjacent to it as well. Though do respect the tile priority for the Phoenix's attacks (right>bottom>top>left)
  • Tanks are often able to comfortably engage in combat with the Phoenix whilst having a single stack of Molten Armor and possibly two but it is advised not to have any more than that as they will likely die due to the damage amplification. Following this line of thinking, it is unwise to attack with a tank on player phase as they will gain an additional stack of Radiate, causing them to take increased damage from Heaven's Flame which may cause them to die quicker.
    • A strong tank that deals high counterattack damage on the enemy phase (namely Ledin) may want to accumulate a large number of Radiate stacks as this will cause their damage to skyrocket.
    • Since Phoenix Blast and Heaven's Flame are separate abilities, the Hard Rock enchantment and Tiaris' Healing Light talent are able to proc after having taken damage from Phoenix Blast but before Heaven's Flame, granting extra survivability to units.
  • Any hero's skill that allows a unit to Act Again counts as having taken a turn and will remove 1 from the duration of any debuff (or buff) applied. This causes Liana with Act Again, Leon with Chivalry, etc. all to be potentially high-value units in this fight.
  • ATK Down significantly reduces incoming damage, as it will drop Phoenix's ATK to 1500 on 60, and 2000 on 65 from an original 1900 and 2600 respectively. Any form of damage mitigation against high level bosses with high ATK or INT values is near invaluable in endgame PvE content due to their ability to nearly or completely one shot frailer units.