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Enchantments and Description[]

Name 2-Set Bonus 4-Set Bonus Clarifications
Blazing Sun Crit +7% Crit Damage +20% None
Meteor Crit +7% When attacking units of HP above 80% all damage dealt after entering battle +20% The troops in the description isn't talking about actually troops as in troops but like characters. Also known as Shooting Star.
Breeze ATK and INT +5% Damage dealt increases by 10%. After taking action, 30% chance to increase mobility by +2. Lasts one turn None
Clock ATK and INT +5% When dealing skill damage, 30% chance to decrease cooldown by -5 None
Full Moon ATK and INT +5% When HP is above 80%, all ATK & DEF stats increase by 10%. None
Magic ATK and INT +5% Skill damage increases by 10%. AoE increases by an extra 5%. It affects physical damage too
Rough Sea ATK and INT +5% When actively attacking and entering battle, ATK increases by 10%, damage taken is decreased by 15%. Only when you attack the enemy on your turn
Crystal DEF and MDEF +5% Heal dealt increased by 20%. Increases how much you heal not how much you get healed
Hard Rock DEF and MDEF +5% When HP < 50%, 50% chance to restore 15% HP after battle. Restores both troop and hero HP
Ice DEF and MDEF +5% When attacked, 20% chance to render the attacker unable to attack for 1 turn after battle. None
Steel HP +10% Damage taken decreased by 10%. None
Thorns HP +10% When attacked, 30% chance to reflect damage taken this time by 50%. None
Tree of Life HP +10% For allies within 2 blocks, DEF & MDEF +5%. The character who holds this enchantment also gets the bonus def/mdef

I put this table here for clarity you can find this in other places too.

General Enchanting Suggestions[]

Role Enchants Overall Best
Tanks Hard Rock, Steel, Ice, Tree of Life, Thorns Hard Rock
Healers Crystal, Tree of Life Crystal
Mages Clock, Magic, Full Moon Clock for AOE, Magic for single target, more damage but less reliable
Attackers Breeze, Full Moon, Rough Sea Rough Sea
Assassins Meteor, Blazing Sun Blazing Sun

Hard Rock vs Steel[]

Hard Rock is typically preferred due to a more "advanced mechanic" regarding soldiers taking "overkill hits" which substantially reduces incoming damage. In short, Heroes do 10 Hits while Soldiers do another 10, for a total of 20 Hits. When on the defensive, individual Soldiers can soak up incoming hits until they perish. Overkill damage to an individual soldiers does not carry over, so once a hit it used, it is gone. The end result is the Hero taking less hits (and by extension, less damage) which can be more than Steel's 10% Damage Reduction. Hard Rock can also be used for "solo tank runs" where the tank is without support or a healer, or as an insurance policy that may help prevent the tank from being completely overwhelmed.

However, if the party has a healer with Regenerate and/or a Tiaris, Steel may be preferred instead. Regenerate restores 10% HP of the unit after battles, while Tiaris' Healing Light talent has a chance to heal the unit for x3 of Tiaris' INT after battles. This should allow the tank to stay at higher HP thresholds, making Hard Rock's effect at less than 50% HP not as useful. Steel may also be preferred if the party is fairly strong, is not dealing with enemies that deal overwhelming amounts of damage, or prefers consistency over RNG.

Enchanting Minimums and Maximums Per Item Type[]

Enchanting maxes.png

Specific Characters and Their Best Enchants[]

DISCLAIMER there are multiple enchants that may be viable for each character these are just what is generally used and what IMO is better the absolute best can be debated which is why I've put in multiple enchants for most characters. The order I've put them in is what I think is the best for each class. The characters are assumed to be in their "best" class unless otherwise stated.

I will also add/edit things if people give recommendations so feel free to do so.


Character Enchants Reasoning
Dieharte Rough Sea(Horse)/Blazing Sun(Assassin) big daamages
Elwin Full Moon/Rough Sea/Breeze Full Moon will be better in the future since Elwin will be buffed and get more healing from his passive/Rough sea for damage/Breeze because hes an infantry and has bad movement
Luna 2 Hard Rock/Ice/Crystal (broken set) She needs MDef because her skill replaces her ATK with her MDEF so its best to stack that
Tiaris Crystal/Tree of Life Crystal is better unless you're overhealing
Liana Crystal/Tree of Life Crystal is better unless you're overhealing
Cherie Rough Sea/Breeze Best Dmg enchant/less dmg more mobility
Bernhardt Full Moon/Clock/Rough Seas AOE/Stun/Dmg he's weird and can run a lot of different things
Leon Rough Sea/Breeze best dmg enchant/less dmg more mobility
Altemuller Hard Rock (Tank)/Rough Sea(Atk) Best for tank/Best for dmg
Ledin Hard Rock/Ice Hard Rock is best IMO since sustainability is soo good/ Ice for clutch saves
Bozel Clock long cooldown no fun so make short also because he's a debuffer not a damage dealer so stacking MDEF is meh
Lana Clock(AOE)/Magic(Single)/Full Moon cooldown no fun/more dmg/more damage but less reliable

SRs (not completed)

Hero Enchants Reasoning
Freya Hard Rock/Ice/Thorns/Steel Hard Rock is best IMO/ Ice for clutch saves/thorns for porcupine memes/ Steel for if your tank cant tank
Sophia Crystal/Tree of Life Crystal is better unless you're overhealing
Egbert Clock faster cooldowns
Sonya Rough Seas Best Dmg enchant
Chris Tree of Life/Crystal Her main role is as a buffer not a healer so grabbing tree of life would be better in her case
Imelda Clock/Magic/Full Moon Clock since cooldowns are long/Others for damage
Vargas Hard Rock/Steel/Ice Hard Rock is better for sustainability/Ice has clutch plays

3 Starters

Characters Enchants Reasoning
Matthew Rough Seas/Blazing Sun (assassin) better damage
Grenier Hard Rock/Steel He'll need the healing since hes not the best tank/Steel if he REALLY cant tank.
Almeda Crystal Better heals (no fear of overheal)


  • My enchants 2 set bonus doesn't give the right stats what gives?

There are separate stats for enchanting one is the set bonus and the other is the random stats that they give. You're looking at the wrong one.

  • Is it worth it to buy SSR enchantment scrolls from the shop?


  • What are the differences between SR and SSR scrolls

The different tiers of scrolls give different stats(doesn't effect the set bonuses) so the higher the tier the better the random stats but they aren't as important right now since we've got no easy way to farm them.

  • Why does Rough Sea do more damage than enchants that give you more damage?

Rough Sea gives damage reduction which allows you're troops to survive more and more troops = more damage so the damage about evens out early and gets better later on the stronger your troops get.