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Race: Human
Birthplace: Rigüler
Age: 18
Position: General of Rigüler
Voice Actor: Kōsuke Okano[1]
Appearances: Langrisser III

Emerick is the last of the four generals commanded by Field Marshall Altemuller. He first appears at the end of Scenario 3 in the flying citadel above Larcuss. He is sent to kill Torrand in Scenario 5, but is defeated. He appears again in Scenario 9, killing a Shika shaman who raises an anti-magic fog. He is ultimately defeated by Dieharte and company.

Class Changes[]

Langrisser III[]

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Secret
First Knight Silver Knight Highlander Royal Guard [2]
Level 10 Fighter Gladiator Swordsman
Level 30 Lord High Lord General


  1. Langrisser III
  2. Requires Knight's Crest